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Kristull Blues Brothers

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Baby Photos
Kristull Blue on Blue
Kristull Otherworld Blue
Kristull Sapphire Blue
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Firebirds Merlin Falcon x Kristull Azuresong
August 10, 2008
Six Boys and One Girl

Black puppy

Blaze (Pink)

Neck Spot (Blue)


Other was always just Other: ISWS Ch. Kristull Otherworld Blue

Snip 1 (Known as Red and Yellow)

Smaller Snip 2 (Part of Red and Yellow)

Snip Brothers


Chuck & Francie Stull

Kristull Ranch

8708 Grelle Ln.
Austin TX 78744

** 270-799-8970 **

These darling puppies are F2 generation breedings. We are quite proud of them.


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